OUDS elects an executive each year. They manage the day to day running and organisation of the society

Joe Garry


The President co-ordinates the executive, provides leadership and represents Otago debating

Josh Mackay


The vice-president assists the president in his duties and co-ordinates internal debating

Josh Meikle


Treasurer/Secretary works with everything admin to do with debating managing money, minutes, and communications

Maya Polaschek


Equity looks after the wellbeing and safety of OUDS members, they ensure all groups and demographics are being considered in decisions and actions

Dushanka Govender


Externals manages both the social side of OUDS and our relationship with other groups like the university and local council

Selena Ballantyne


Schools involves themselves in the running of Otago regional school debating and is involced with the Dunedin Schools Debating Council

Georgia Barclay 

Senior Development

Senior development provides development initiatives for those that already have some experience with debating

Anna Roberts

Junior Development

Junior development provides development and a welcoming environment to those starting debating